Spain - Valencia
Tipping Etiquette

At Restaurants: If the service is good, round up the bill to anywhere from 7 to 13 percent and leave it in cash, not on a credit card, says Virginia Irurita of Madrid's Made for Spain travel agency. If the service isn't good, she says, "you can leave the table without giving a tip and nobody will say a word. Americans are coming here and leaving 20 percent, so some waiters are getting spoiled."

At Hotels: Tip concierges who do you a special favor 5 to 10 euros, cleaning staff about 5 euros a day (up front if you want them to treat you extra nice), and bellboys about one euro per bag.

Guides and Drivers: Leave guides 30 euros per person per day (up to 40 if they're really good), drivers half that. With taxi drivers, round up the fare.

Dollars Accepted? Euros are strongly preferred.

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