Belgium - Dinant
Tipping Etiquette

If you are visiting Belgium, you will need to be familiar with the country’s tipping etiquette.Tipping is not very common in Belgium. Service workers are generally well paid and so you won't be expected to leave a gratuity. However, it is acceptable if you receive exceptional service. Also, Wallonia (south) is French speaking it's more common to leave a gratuity here. Flanders (north) are Dutch speaking (Flemish) and tipping is much less common.

Tours - In Belgium, there are a variety of tours for you to take. You are not expected or obligated to provide any tip to your tour guides or drivers. If you want, you could tip a few Euros at the end of the trip, but remember that the cost of the tour includes a gratuity. If you want leave a little extra it will not go unappreciated.

Taxis - Tipping taxi drivers is not required or expected, but some people leave the change for their driver in order to round up to the nearest Euro. However, if the taxi driver goes out of his way to help carry bags or is especially helpful in giving directions or comes across some major obstacles in getting you to your destination, consider leaving a small tip. A few Euros is sufficient.

Spas - You will not be expected to tip for spa services in Belgium. The costs of services will more than likely include a gratuity so there;s just no need. If you are extremely happy with your spa services and want to express your appreciation you can leave a few Euros is fine at the reception.

Tipping in restaurants is not expected because a 10-15% service charge is generally applied to your bill. If you feel that your service was exceptional and want to leave a few Euros more, then feel free, but you are under no obligation. People state that the service in Belgium tends to be a little better in the Dutch-speaking part of the country than the french part of Wollonia.

Tipping the staff at hotels is not common because the cost of your bill will include services. However, with that said, you can leave the bellman €2 if you like. It is not customary to tip the housekeepers or the customer service workers. They are paid sufficiently and do not rely on gratuities for their income.

It is not necessary to tip your hairdresser at a Belgian salon because it's not very common. However, if you are very pleased with your services, it would be nice to leave him or her a small gratuity to express your gratitude. A few Euros will do.

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