India - Varanasi
Tipping Etiquette

Dollars Accepted? Yes, but not usually preferred.
Restaurants 10% - 15% depending on service to the waiter (or a few rupees at more modest establishments), though many posh spots now include a 10 percent service charge.
Hotels Fifty rupees (about $1)per bag for the porter; 250 rupees a night for the (low-paid) housekeeper.
Railway Stations /
Airports / Bell Boys
Rs. 50.00 per bag
Guides and Drivers Fifty to 100 rupees a day for a car and driver. They usually expect lunch money for the day—about 40 rupees. Taxi and rickshaw drivers aren't accustomed to tips, but you can tell them to keep the change—up to 10 percent.
Local Representative coordinating your tour Rs. 500.00 at departure
Drivers Rs. 300.00 per day
Guides Rs. 500 per city
Who Else? Don't be surprised if people ask for a tip for no apparent reason. The novelist and frequent India visitor Daphne Beal has even had people knock on her hotel room and ask, apropos of nothing, if "everything is all right." She doesn't tip them.

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